Friday, February 18, 2011

First 28mm out of the gate

Ok, here he is - my first 28 mm sculpt.

Actually, this gruesome creature is my first 28 mm sculpt - but I was just playing around with the first pieces of green and getting a feel for what it can do - so this one really doesn't count.

Back to my knight figure, I rushed the placement of the left arm, so there is something funny about the pose.

But its not quite the disaster I was expecting.  Thanks for your encouragement.  It was a rewarding enough experience that I might try more 28 mm figures.


  1. Not bad at all for your first attempt, proportions seem pretty good (although facial features take up too much of the head.)
    Try taking pics of your figures straight on too, at this scale you get a lot of distortion if your taking it from above looking down. Would like to see a step by step to see how you build up your figures.

  2. Thanks so much Ian. Getting the thumbs up from a wickedly talented pro sculptor like you is amazing. You are correct about the face. I actually sculpted the head too large, and instead of tossing it and doing one the proper scale, I just shaved off everything around the face with an exacto and stuck it on the body. I'll be smarter about it next time.

  3. Really nice 1st effort, I can see you making some lovely figures as you learn more and more.
    I plan on doing some 28mm Napoleonic figures myself at some point. Been thinking about it for a good few years now so your own progress will be a great help. Also would like to see step by step how you build your figures.
    All the best

  4. Hey Paul,

    Thanks for stopping by and joining the blog. Ian also suggested I show a step by step, which will be my next post. You should check out his tidyfiguremaker page, he is an awesome sculptor and shows many of his sculpts in various stages. I am also interested in mold making and casting, so I will be posting some of my mis-adventures with that process as well. I look forward to seeing your Napoleonic figures develop.