Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Sculpts

A mixture of 28mm and 54mm sculpts I'm working on.  I'm pleased with some aspects of my sculpts, but I'm disappointed with how sloppy and rough they look in comparison to the work of professional sculptors who work the putty so cleanly.  The bottom sculpt is a bit of a departure for me.  I thought that doing a minimally clad female figure would be a good exercise in anatomy.  If you thought the bottom sculpt was a woman, than I consider it a success.
Thanks,  Mr. B


  1. Really nice Mr B,
    Love the naked lass! ;0)

    You have advanced so quickly!!!!

    1. Thanks Paul,

      I am so pleased you consider these sculpts as a step forward, I was hoping they would come out better. I need to focus on producing very clean, professional sculpts, so I think I will stop using the cast dolls I created and concentrate on doing the best sculpts from scratch that I can. I was very glad I got practice in making my own dolls and will go back to it.

      Mr. B

  2. Nice sculpts, wish I had those skills..And yes, I thought it was a woman

  3. Hi Mr B,
    They definately are a step way forward, just look over your stuff from before (that was also really good). I cannot comment at all as I am not a craftsman like yerself. Also a friend of mine from long, long ago who sculpts for Urban Mammoth advised me when I do try out full figures to give pro-create a go and step away from green stuff as it can be filed.