Monday, January 16, 2012

I did this?

I've had mixed results on some of my latest 28mm sculpts, but I think I got lucky with this figure.  It is probably the cleanest 28mm sculpt I've done to date. Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Ray, thanks so much for joining and I appreciate your encouragement. From a connoisseur of minis like you, this means a lot.
    Paul, your thoughts mean the world to me. I saw your note about using pro-create and I have some of that. I know that there is brown stuff, milliput, and these all have their advantages. Using some of these materails will help me get the armor detail sharper. I've been looking at the work of a few other sculptors who do AMAZING sculpts, and its all just green stuff. I feel like I should just focus on getting good with the green stuff - maybe the purist in me.

  2. no bother Mr B, You go for what you feel best with. As you know I am just learning myself.